China latest technology full automatic wall putty mortar plant

China latest technology full automatic wall putty mortar plant

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MG series wall putty mortar plant is based on the latest design concept in Europe, this production adopts the advanced computer auto-control system, whose production capacity can reach 30-100 thousand tons per year depend on the system configuration. The production line consists of storage system, metering and batching system, conveying system, mixing system, air compressor system , packaging system, and dust collecting system, etc


  • Product Name: Wall putty mortar plant
  • Capacity: 10-30T/H
  • Workshop Area: 800-1200 m2
  • Worker required : 3-4 Person
  • Voltage: 380V, 415V, 440V or Customized
  • End product: Tile adhesive, Tile grout, Wall putty, Skim coat
  • Raw materail : Cement, Sand, Additives
  • Control Cabinet: PLC control cabinet
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    500,000 tons of dry-mixed mortar mixing station

    Product Description

    The wall putty mortar production line has latest design, strong sense of function, beautiful layout, safe and automatic control system, and comfortable and intelligent PLC control system. It is an     ideal choice for business investment.

    The complete production line includes Raw material storage system, dry mortar mixing system, dry mortar packing system, PLC control system. Pallet palletizing system, Pallet wrapping system.

    MG newly designed Automatic Wall Putty Mortar Production Line with an annual output of 300,000 tons is mainly composed of sand drying system, ready-mixed mortar mixing system and bulk system.


    Material storage system

    Automatic batching system

    Efficient mixing system

    Material conveying system

    Frame platform

    Bulk system

    Technical Parameter

    Main technical parameters of MG wall putty production line

    Product Name Annual output of 200,000 tons wall putty mortar plant
    Model MGDM-3.7
    Capacity(T/H) 10-30
    Mixer Volume (m³) 2m3/3m3/4m3/6m3
    Mixer Volume Fraction 0.4-0.6
    Mixer Power (KW) 22KW/30KW/37KW/55KW
    Production Method Continuous
    Occupied Area (m²) 300-350
    Worker Required 4-5 people

    MG full automatic wall putty plant working site

    Full auto 11

    This automatic wall putty plant can produce the following dry mortars:

    Gap filler

    Masonry mortar

    Thin and smooth wall mortar

    Plaster powder

    Water-proof mortar

    Colored coating mortar

    Self-leveling mortar

    Wall plastering mortar

    Ceramic tile adhesive mortar


    Modular finishing systems available to meet your individual requirements.

    The wall putty plant consists of different systems, We can provide turnkey project to you.


    Configuration of MG full automatic wall putty plant

    detail (3)

    Successful projects of Zhengzhou MG wall putty mortar plant

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    1, How about the investment of this project?
     A: Our engineer can design the dry mortar plant as your requirement and your budget, different dry mortar plant investment are difference.
         Low capacity low cost, we will provide you cost effective solutions as your requirement.

    2, What's the difference between full automatic dry mortar plant and Semi-automatic dry mortar plant?
    A: (1)  Semi-automatic dry mortar plant is cheaper than full automatic dry mortar plant.
        (2)  Semi-automatic dry mortar plant do not need to equip silos while full automatic dry mortar equip material silos.
        (3)  Semi-automatic dry mortar is manual feeding and automatic weighing and packaging, Full automatic dry mortar plant is automatic feeding and automatic weighing and packaging.

    3,  How many person required to operate this dry mortar plant?
    A: Usually 2-4 workers are enogh to operate this dry mortar plant.

    4,  What equipment and services you can provide?
    A: We can provide you turnkey solution of dry mortar plant from working site planning to dry mortar machines,   transportation, installation and training, formula of dry mortars, after-sales services, life time technical support etc.

    5, What is the area required for this dry mortar plant?
    A: According to the capacity of the dry mortar plant, the area required 300-100 m2.

    6, What is the total power consumption (KW) of this dry mortar plant?
    A: It is 20-80W based on the capacity of the dry mortar plant.

    7, What is the capacity of your dry mortar plant?
    A: We have dry mortar plant with capacity 3-30T/H as your requirement, and also we can customize the dry  mortar plant as your capacity requirement.

    8,  Can you install the dry mortar plant in my country?
    A:  Yes, we will send engineers to your country for guiding installation and training your workers to operate the machine.

    9,  If you want to know more of our dry mortar plant, please send us inquiry or contact us directly.


    Let us meet and get to know each other.

    To be the business partners and friends in life, joining hands to create a better tomorrow.


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