Fully Automatic Dry Mortar Production Line Equip Robot Palletizer

Fully Automatic Dry Mortar Production Line Equip Robot Palletizer

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MG Automatic Dry Mortar Production Line adopts European advanced design concept and latest automatic control management system. Tower layout has been applied in the overall design and man-friendly operation with automation level has been largely improved. The capacity can reach 30,000-100,000 tons per year according to different configuration.



  • Product Name: Automatic dry mortar production line
  • Capacity : 10-30T/H
  • Motor Brand : China famous brand CE Certificate motor
  • Worker shop required: 800-1200m2
  • Machine occupy area: 80-120 m2
  • Total Powder : 80-150KW
  • Machine Height: Inside workshop height 10m, Silo outside workshop height about 15m
  • Advantage: Factory direct, Price good, Qaulity guarantee
  • Formula and technology: Provide
  • Pallet wrapping machine and Robot palletizer: Can be provide as customer requirement
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    500,000 tons of dry-mixed mortar mixing station

    Product Description

    This dry mortar production line has latest design, strong sense of function, beautiful layout, safe and automatic control system, and comfortable and intelligent PLC control system. It is an ideal choice for business investment.


    MG newly designed Automatic Premixed Production Line with an annual output of 300,000 tons is mainly composed of sand drying system, ready-mixed mortar mixing system and bulk system.

    The complete production line includes sand drying system, Raw material storage system, dry mortar mixing system, dry mortar packing system, Robot palletizing system etc.

    Material storage system

    Automatic batching system

    Efficient mixing system

    Material conveying system

    Frame platform

    Bulk system


    Technical Parameter


    2000L Mixer 

     3000/4000L Mixer  

    6000L Mixer Plant

    10000L Mixer plant






     Machine height





    Total power





    Worker required

           2-3 person

            3-4 person

           3-4 person

          3-4 person

    Workshop required





    Bag belt conveyor





    Pallet wrapping machine





     Sand dryer

    As requirement

    As requirement

    As requirement

    As requirement


    MG automatic dry mortar production line

    The fiber can be rapidly separated by the high speed rotating blades.

    This full automatic dry mortar plant equip 60T or 100T raw material storage silo, it can storage raw material for one day using. Make sure the machine continous working.

    The materials are discharged through the pneumatic gate, which can reduce the blind areas inside the mixer, make the discharging procedure cleaner and faster.

    The speed of mixing is fast, it only takes about 3-5 minutes to mix the ordinary dry mortars.

    The packing machine we can equip bag auto pushing system as customer requirement. That can realize bag auto pushing when the bag is full. And also we have pallet wrappiing machine and robot palletizer if customer required.

    In the finish product hopper, we equip Ribbons, that can make sure material second time mixing, make sure material mix more uniformally and not block when the packing machine work.

    The dry mortar plant equip Intelligent PLC control cabinet, it can storage 10 formulas, customer can select the formula before production, the production will be automaticfally.

    The company's products have been widely used in more than 8,000 building materials enterprises in China, and exported to Canada, Russia, South Korea, united Arab Emirates,  South Africa, Nigeria and so on more than 70 countries and regions, welcomed by the majority of users!

    ISO9001 international quality certification

    European CE certification unit

    Integrity Alliance Council Unit

    Application of MG Automatic Dry Mortar Production Line

    Dry mix mortars are used in many different applications in the construction of a building. Some of these applications are universal and some others are specific to certain regions or countries. Dry Mortar Mixing Equipment can produce the following dry mortars:

    Bonding mortar Masonry mortar, wall and floor tile adhesive mortar, anchorage mortar etc
    Decoration mortar Decorative plaster, inner and outer wall putty, colorful decoration mortar etc
    Protection mortar Water-proof mortar, anti-corrosion mortar, self-leveling mortar, wear resistance mortar, thermal insulation mortar, sound insulation mortar, repair mortar, mildewproof mortar, shielding mortar etc.

    This machine can produce the following dry mortars:

    Masonry mortar

    Tile adhesive mortar

    Thin and smooth wall mortar

    Tile grout

    Water-proof mortar

    Colored coating mortar

    Repairing mortar

    Self-leveling mortar

    Wall plastering mortar

    MG 30T/H full automatic dry mortar production line working site


    Configuration of MG full automatic dry mortar production line


    Bulk loading system


    Sand dryer


    Mixing system


    Additive dosing system


    PLC Control cabinet


    Dust collector


    Packing system


    Robot palletizer


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    1, How about the investment of this project?
    A: Our engineer can design the dry mortar mixing equipment as your requirement and your budget, different dry mortar mixing equipment investment are difference. Low capacity low cost, we will provide you cost effective solutions as your requirement.

    2, What's the difference between full automatic dry mortar mixing equipment and Semi-automatic dry mortar mixing equipment?
    A: (1)Semi-automatic dry mortar mixing equipment is cheaper than full automatic dry mortar mixing equipment.
    (2) Semi-automatic dry mortar mixing equipment do not need to equip silos while full automatic dry mortar mixing equipment equip material silos.
    (3) Semi-automatic dry mortar mixing equipment is manual feeding and automatic weighing and packaging, Full automatic dry mortar mixing equipment is automatic feeding and automatic weighing and packaging.

    3,  How many person required to operate this dry mortar mixing equipment?
    A: Usually 2-4 workers are enogh to operate this dry mortar mixing equipment.

    4,  What equipment and services you can provide?
    A: We can provide you turnkey solution of dry mortar mixing equipment from working site planning to dry mortar machines, transportation, installation and training, formula of dry mortars, after-sales services, life time technical support et

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